Secure X Global Services

Our Billing Methods Based on Projects

At SecureX, our commitment to delivering IT excellence is complemented by a flexible approach to billing for our comprehensive suite of IT projects and consultancy services. The billing methods we offer are tailored to the unique characteristics of each project and are collaboratively defined in accordance with the agreement between SecureX and your esteemed organization. Below, we delineate the diverse billing strategies that epitomize our client-centric ethos

Hourly Rate

Among our esteemed clientele, our hourly rate billing method enjoys popularity. Under this scheme, clients are billed in accordance with the actual hours expended on a project. This particular approach is ideally suited for assignments encompassing troubleshooting, support, or projects of a succinct duration.


Fixed Price

For projects characterized by well-defined parameters and crystalline requirements, we extend the convenience of prearranged fixed pricing. Irrespective of the actual time invested, clients are entrusted with a predetermined sum, thus providing cost predictability. This billing model finds resonance, especially within the realm of specific development projects characterized by clearly delineated scopes.


Clients seeking seamless access to our IT consultants and company on an ongoing basis may elect to engage our retainer-based service. Within this framework, a recurring monthly or quarterly fee ensures continuous access to our consultants' expertise and support, underpinning an enduring and responsive partnership.


Larger IT endeavors are subject to our meticulous project-based billing approach. The overall cost is judiciously determined by considering the project's scope, complexity, and deliverables. A structured milestone framework guides the project's progression, with payments being rendered upon the successful completion of each milestone.


In select scenarios necessitating a performance-driven compensation structure, our consultants stand to be rewarded based on the successful attainment of predefined outcomes or performance metrics, thus aligning our incentives with your project's prosperity.

The selection of a specific billing methodology is a considered choice, predicated upon the inherent demands of the IT services required, your esteemed preferences, and the contractual agreement forged with SecureX. To underscore transparency and preclude potential discrepancies, we underscore the importance of an exhaustive and lucid contract. This contractual document comprehensively outlines the scope of work, payment terms, and any ancillary conditions, fostering a collaborative and unequivocal partnership between SecureX and your distinguished organization.


Billing Method Based on Operations (SVP)

Unlock the power of a seamlessly managed IT ecosystem with SecureX's Service Value Packs (SVP)!Our SVP is not just a package of IT services; it's your all-inclusive solution for efficient network management, vigilant monitoring, robust security assessments, timely software updates, and responsive technical support. At SecureX, we're committed to delivering comprehensive IT support that empowers your business to thrive.

  • With SecureX's SVP, you gain access to a dedicated support and day-to-day operations team that becomes an extension of your IT department. We understand that your IT needs may vary, so we've designed our SVP to offer you flexibility and value. When you invest in an SVP, you're purchasing a block of hours tailored to your requirements.
  • The best part? Your SVP bundle remains valid for a generous 3-year period, ensuring you have the support you need whenever you need it. No rush, no pressure – just peace of mind.
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